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Work in Progress


12. Closw up of the figures.

11. Close up on the headland.

10.The finished painting. Figures are added in to give perspective and to show the river winding through the beach by putting in reflections.

9. some paint is spattered and flicked to give impression of stones and flotsam.

8. A mixture of ultramarine and burnt sienna are used to paint in the dark lines to depict the river and tidal inlets.

7. The headland and the grass bank are put in we can see the structure of the painting start to take shape.

6. Now colour is started on the sky and tidal inlets

5. texture is added, making contours to follow the lie of the flotsam on the tidal line.

4. I wanted to get a quick sketch to get the right contours of the headland and curve of the flotsam left on the tide.

3. It looks a nice day but the wind blowing down the estuary was biting.

2. reference photo of the estuary and tidal inlets.

1. reference photo to get the contours of the tidal line down the estuary.